Client Services

Digital Radiography (DR)

DR is a form of x-ray imaging that uses digital x-ray sensors instead of traditional photographic film.  Once an image is taken it immediately appears on a computer screen for observation and enhancement (make the image lighter or darker) if necessary.  DR provides a higher quality image compared to conventional radiography allowing for diagnosis of more subtle injuries. 

Upper Airway Endoscopy

Endoscopy provides a noninvasive way to view internal structures.  This allows for diagnosis of upper airway diseases that can affect your horse’s performance and ability to breathe properly.


We offer comprehensive dental care through the use of power instruments which allow for superior care compared to traditional handfloats. 


We offer general equine surgeries such as cryptorchid castrations, certain ophthalmic procedures, laceration repair, and much more. 

Internal Medicine

We are capable of treating a variety of diseases your horse may encounter with the ability to hospitalize and treat patients who need intensive care. 


Our reproductive services include proper estrus cycle monitoring through the use of ultrasound, and artificial insemination with fresh, shipped, and frozen semen.  We are also capable of treating mares with reproductive problems. 

Emergency Medicine

We offer 24hour/ 7 days a week emergency service.  Just call the office number 806-271-3355 at anytime and a doctor with return your call as soon as possible. 


We are capable of running complete blood counts and blood chemistries with results available in 30 minutes or less.  

Small Animal Services

Spur Vet does not currently offer small animal services but we do carry and offer routine vaccinations for these pets.

Regenerative Medicine

Regenerative medicine is a fairly new type of therapy that promises to regenerate damaged tissues.  We currently offer two types of regenerative medicine.

Interleukin-1 Receptor Antagonist Protein (marketed by Arthrex VetSystems) is an anti-inflammatory

protein that counteracts the destructive effects of inflammatory proteins such as IL-1 within the inflamed joint.    IL-1 is a major inducer of osteoarthritis.   In the normal joint there is a balanced amount of IL-1 and interleukin-1 receptor antagonist (IL1-Ra).  However in cases of osteoarthritis there is not enough IL1-Ra to block the destructive effects of IL-1.  Blocking the inflammatory cascade that causes joint pain will hopefully decrease pain and inflammation creating an environment that is more conducive to healing.  With the Arthrex system, blood is harvested from your horse and placed in a device containing glass beads that bind monocytes (a type of white blood cell) in the blood.  The cells are stimulated to produce regenerative and anti-inflammatory proteins when incubated for 16-24 hours.  After incubation the device is centrifuged to separate the serum from the blood.  The serum is extracted and a portion is used for immediate injection into the arthritic joint.  The rest of the serum is divided into doses and frozen for subsequent treatments.  Typically three to four injections are done at 7-10 day intervals.  IRAP is often used when other joint therapies such as steroids and hyaluronic acid have failed.


Platelet Rich Plasma is in some ways similar to IRAP but is used in soft tissue injuries such as tendons and ligaments.  As with IRAP blood is drawn from the horse and placed in a special tube.  Platelets and specific growth factors are separated from the whole blood and injected into the lesion.  This provides scaffolding for the healing process.  It also acts in recruiting more growth factors and stem cells to the area to aid in a more structured fiber alignment decreasing the chance of re-injury.  A needle is ultrasound guided into the lesion to ensure the placement of the PRP.