EHM-1 Information 

I have had many calls and lots of questions about the current EHM (Equine Herpes Myeloencephalopathy) outbreak.  I also just got off of a conference call regarding this matter.  There are some good resources out there if you want to do some reading for yourselves and I’ll post those below. 

EHM is Herpes Virus 1.  Most of you are familiar with this virus in the form of the respiratory disease commonly called rhino.  The outbreak involves the neurologic form of this disease.  These cases have been traced back to a cutting event in Utah.  There has been one confirmed case in Texas.  Obviously horses that were at that cutting or are in contact with horses at that cutting are at increased risks.  Horses at home, not going anywhere, and not in contact with outside horses are not at any more risk now than any other time.  This disease is spread by contact with nasal secretions.  Halters, water buckets, and people can transmit this disease if they are in contact with a horse currently shedding the virus. 

If you are planning on going to an event in the next couple of weeks, please contact us and we will discuss your individual risks if you would like.  As you may have heard, many upcoming events have been canceled or postponed.  We can discuss vaccine and exposure.  Again the following websites will be updating regularly regarding the outbreak.

-Dr. Broyles



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